Audınate ADP-DAO-AU-0X1 Dante Aanalog Output 1


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ADP-DAO-AU-0X1: Streamlined Audio Interface

ADP-DAO-AU-0X1 Front View

ADP-DAO-AU-0X1: The Ultimate Audio Connector

Effortlessly integrate your analog audio sources into a Dante network with the ADP-DAO-AU-0X1, providing one channel of high-quality audio output.

Connectivity and Clarity

The ADP-DAO-AU-0X1 boasts an easy setup with uncompromising sound quality, ensuring your audio remains clear and consistent in any setup.

ADP-DAO-AU-0X1 Top View

ADP-DAO-AU-0X1 Back View

Durable Design

Built to last, the ADP-DAO-AU-0X1 is housed in a rugged casing that can withstand the rigors of both studio and field use.

ADP-DAO-AU-0X1: Optimized for Professional Use

With the ADP-DAO-AU-0X1, professional audio workflows are enhanced by top-notch connectivity, ensuring high-quality analog to digital conversion for any application.

ADP-DAO-AU-0X1 Functional Design

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