Audınate ADP-DAO-AU-OX2 Dante Analog Output 2


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ADP-DAO-AU-0X2: High-Quality Audio Networking

ADP-DAO-AU-0X2 Front View

ADP-DAO-AU-0X2: Seamless Audio Integration

Integrate your existing audio equipment with modern networking capabilities. The ADP-DAO-AU-0X2 provides two channels of analog output, allowing for a smooth transition into networked audio systems.

Versatile Connectivity

With adjustable signal levels and high-quality connectors, the ADP-DAO-AU-0X2 is designed for professional audio setups, ensuring reliable performance and connectivity.

ADP-DAO-AU-0X2 Top View

ADP-DAO-AU-0X2 Back View

High-Performance Design

Engineered to deliver uncompromising audio quality, the ADP-DAO-AU-0X2 features a robust build that stands up to the demands of professional audio environments.

ADP-DAO-AU-0X2 Connection Diagram

Ready for Any Setup

Whether you’re connecting to a Dante network, or need to interface with traditional analog systems, the ADP-DAO-AU-0X2 adapts to your requirements with ease and efficiency.




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